This Is What Happens When You Take a Stand – This is Me TV – Jeff Goring

Can the world of hip hop, graffiti art, and break dancing collide with serving God?

If anyone can answer that question, it’s Jeff Goring.

Goring is a Canadian graffiti artist and break dancer who has chosen a counter-cultural approach to his art.

You won’t find this artist painting illegally on brick walls or train cars. His stand against illegal painting has led to opportunities to paint murals, TV and movie sets, and commissioned private works on canvas – just to name a few.

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From the early days as a graffiti artist Goring earned respect as a man with a conscience who chose to do what was right, even when it was unpopular.  Goring refused to ignore his dream and waste his talent. Some would say a life as a graffiti artist is incompatible with following Christ, but Goring found a way to live for his passion and pursue his faith. He pursues his art without succumbing to the pressures associated with his scene, and has flourished because of it.

What happens when you take a stand for what is right, while still pursuing your dreams?

You earn respect

When you remain firm in your faith and refuse to budge you will earn the respect of those around. You can engage in the culture and not follow the unwise and unhealthy pasth that some do. Whether it’s deciding not to paint illegally, or something completely different, you will have the opportunity to say no.

Watch what happens when those around you see you take a stand, and then remain firm and unmoving. At first they might laugh, but over time they will respect you for your beliefs and values, and maybe even choose that path themselves.

Opportunities come knocking

If Goring had decided to follow the life of an illegal painter there is no way he would have been given the opportunities he has. As a respected member of his scene he has painted on movie sets, led local youth in painting lessons, and travelled the world as both a dancer and graffiti artist.

When you choose to stand firm in your faith and live with integrity the world will pay attention, and many will want to collaborate with and join you. 

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You are labelled as different

Those who choose to live with integrity will be met with setbacks, opponents, and pressure to bend to culture.

Embrace your difference, and allow yourself to stand out from the crowd. That is what will get you noticed, sometimes with negative feedback, but also with a chance to produce change and momentum for a different life.

God uses you in your community

Instead of giving up and deciding your passion doesn’t fit with living a life as a Christ follower, allow him to use you in the community he has placed you in. People will notice that you are serving something different. When everyone else is busy chasing success and serving their passion, you will be noticed as the one who uses their passion to serve God. Pray often and ask God to use you in the place he has placed you.

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You will still make mistakes

Just because you follow Christ and are seeking to love him above all doesn’t mean that you will be a perfect example, all the time. Sometimes you will make mistakes, whether it’s bending to the pressure, or saying something that you know doesn’t represent God well.

Don’t give up, and don’t continue to give in to the pressure. Humble yourself, and know that God has already forgiven you. It’s never too late to start living a life of integrity, and it is okay to slip up and apologize. Move forward and pursue God with your life and passion.

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