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Do you dream of making a difference in the world?

Really, think about that question for a moment and challenge yourself.

Do you dream of making a difference in the world?

Most of us have hopes and dreams that are so big that we are afraid this world cannot contain them. Our dreams feel impossible and our fear eats away at our hope.

DJ Vow knows what it’s like to have youthful dreams crushed by the reality of a hard life. Raised in a difficult home environment, he experienced the gang life while following in the footsteps of his older brother.

DJ Vow continued to follow his older brother all the way to church, where both of their lives were changed and saved from the destructive path they were going down.

As a young adult DJ Vow earned his namesake by making a vow to God that he would serve him with his whole life; his heart, passions, and path all belonged to God. Throughout his career DJ Vow has performed with many talented artists, including Lecrae, Andy Mindeo, and Tedashii.

DJ Vow says, “Music is music. It’s what you do with it that makes a difference.”

DJ VOW shares his story with This is Me TV

DJ VOW shares his story with This is Me TV

How can you use the inspiration of DJ Vow’s story to influence your own life? How can you take your dream and passion and make a difference in the world?

Make the Decision
Make the decision, or vow, to follow God with your heart and your life. That doesn’t mean you will be perfect, or that you will find worldwide fame and success. It does mean that by choosing the right path, to follow God and use your talents to worship him, your life will be pleasing to God and an inspiration to others.

Don’t put yourself in a box

You don’t need to be a Christian DJ, hockey player, writer or musician. Whatever you choose to do, you can step out of the Christian world and still serve God and bring honour to his name. Acting in integrity is far more important than how or where you choose to use your talents. Maybe you will serve in secular culture, but you will stand out because of your faith.

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Hustle for your dream
Most of us has unrefined gifts and passions that haven’t been fully realized. It takes time to grow in your gifts, and energy to improve your talents. Be prepared to hustle if you want to pursue your dream. Work hard and watch as God grows your talent and influence.

Engage culture

Don’t forget about the world that we live in and the culture that is surrounding us. By seeking to use your passion to honour God and live with integrity the world will be both confused and intrigued. Being different is interesting, so don’t forget about the culture surrounding us, engage it, and point them to Jesus Christ.

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Don’t let your passion consume you

Remember your purpose: to glorify God through pursuing your passion. God should always be your first priority, and when he isn’t we risk becoming consumed by our passion and losing our integrity. Don’t let your passion become your first priority. You will be far more effective as a world-changer when your purpose is clear and your priorities are straight.

Go make a difference

How can you make a difference in the world? God has a different plan for each of us, and the difference that we will make depends on his plan for our life. Pray to God and surrender your life to him. Allow him to control the way that you will influence the world around you. Watch as new opportunities come your way and grab them with both hands, giving God the glory along the way.

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