This is Me TV

Story & Statement

Through struggles, stories emerge; a statement is built.  Not perfect.  Just raw, God’s grace on display.  Humbly standing bold in faith.

This is me.

A behind the scenes look into the accounts of transformed lives.  These are the stories that matter.


This is Me TV exists to encourage and empower the online generation to live unashamed for God with purpose and passion as they use their God given gifts to influence culture. Young men need a voice of hope and clarity on what it means to be a man who follows Jesus. Our guests are a voice letting them know that Jesus is greater than anything the world has to offer, and that following Jesus is what is really worth giving your life for.


Proverbs 27:17 says it best:

 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.


Our featured guests do just that.  They sharpen us all and act as “online mentors” sharing their struggles, successes and how they live unashamed.


We’re living in a day where if we don’t disciple, culture will.  Don’t get us wrong, our culture has a lot for us to embrace, however Jesus has fully changed our lives and those are the stories we want to share. Keep up to date with us as we travel around North America to bring you some of the best stories from some of your favourite artists, athletes and friends.